Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Ayers Rock

This is the Ayers Rock in Australia who is in a sunset.

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Moon Gazer said...

This photo shows a slim crescent moon hanging over the Rock. Such a moon is either a very young moon, just a few days old, which is only seen in the western sky at sunset, or a dying, old moon, just a few days before it disappears at New Moon. The latter is only seen in the eastern sky at dawn. In Australian skies, the young crescent moon is shaped like a "C", not like a "reverse-C", which is the shape of the dying crescent of a very old moon in its last few days.

The caption says that this photo was taken at sunset. If so, the image must have been flipped left-to-right or edited in some other way, because the Moon's crescent is facing the wrong way for a young crescent moon at sunset in Australia. Was the image flipped?